2in1 Classics

Our Uniformity 2-in-1 Classics

Wouldn't in be great if you could buy one garment that could transform to a second size?
We've made that possible with a feature we call 2-in-1. Every garment with our 2-in-1 feature is sewn with two side seams, enabling you to remove the first seam and have a finished second seam already in place.

Our 2-in-1 Skirts

When the Skirt begins to get tight in the waist or hips, locate the right seam of the Skirt, the side opposite of the zipper side. See how the side seam extends from the top of the waistband to the hem? Now turn the Skirt inside out. Using a seam ripper (available at any fabric store), carefully undo the stitches where the side seam has been stitched down for comfort at the waist. Carefully undo these stitches first. Next, remove about 6 inches of the hem at the base of the side seam, and turn that part inside out as well. Carefully remove the entire inside seam. Voila! The next size is already in place. Simply re-stitch the 6 inches along the hem and tack down the excess at the waistband. Apprehensive about your seam-ripping skills? We'll be happy to do this alteration for a small fee in our Lafayette store.