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A little about our business. 

Uniformity is a school uniform store specializing in new and resale uniforms. Our customers are primarily parents whose children attend private schools in the Lafayette area. We offer new uniforms for 14 schools in the Lafayette area, as well as a few schools farther away. Half of our store consists of resale pieces that customers turn in for store credit. Most of our sales are done in the store, but we have a growing online customer base. We did about 25% of our sales last year online. 

The summer is the busiest season for our store. Most customers do the bulk of their shopping during the summer, and come in during the school year for additional or seasonal pieces.  

During the summer, we’re open Monday-Saturday. During the school year, we’re open Monday-Thursday, and shorter hours on Saturdays.

What skills are we looking for?

The main qualities we seek in a Teammate is someone who can provide the level of customer service our customers have come to expect. What sets us apart from other stores is our attentive customer service. We take pride in providing an easier and more enjoyable shopping experience than our competitiors. A positive attitude will make you successful in this role. 


  • Ability to learn and take direction
  • Ability to assist customers
  • Ability to perform in fast-paced environments
  • Ability to communicate and work well with a team
  • Flexibility to work various shifts and perform various tasks
  • Basic math skills


We train our employees to be able to complete these tasks. We don't expect anyone to come into this job knowing how to do them all, but we do need someone ready to learn and focus on the job.

  • Greet and direct customers
  • Answer customers’ questions about specific products/services
  • Ensure displays are fully stocked
  • Apply school emblems to apparel 
  • Fill in-store and online orders
  • Process customers’ submissions of pre-owned uniforms. 
  • Complete purchases in our Point of Sale system
  • Have a basic understanding of each school’s uniform policy.

How many hours a week do our Teammates work? That depends. Some employees are college students who work before or after class. Some are full-timers. Want a full schedule of hours or prefer as little as 12 hours a week? We’ll work with your schedule! Starting pay depends on previous work experience and will be discussed in an interview.