Resale Uniforms

Anyone can shop with us at Uniformity, with or without bringing in uniforms for resale.

In the resale portion of our store, we currently stock top quality, pre-owned uniform pieces for:

Academy of the Sacred Heart
Ascension Episcopal School
Berchmans Academy
Cathedral Carmel School
Episcopal School of Acadiana
Lafayette Christian Academy
Our Lady of Fatima School
St. Cecilia School
St. Ignatius School
Sts. Peter and Paul School
St. Pius Elementary School
St. Thomas More Catholic High School
Teurlings Catholic High School

If you are interested in submitting school apparel for store credit, here's how it works:

  1. Bring in your gently used, freshly laundered uniform pieces, free of holes, tears, stains or faded logos. All emblems, hems, buttons and zippers must be intact.
  2. While here, we'll have you complete our Uniformity Submission Form and leave your pieces with us for evaluation.
  3. We reward you with U-BUCKS for the pieces that meet our customers' standards for top quality. See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more on U-Bucks.
  4. You may use your U-BUCKS for up to 33% off your purchase of pre-owned apparel. Your U-BUCKS may not be used for the purchase of NEW apparel and/or accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are U-Bucks® and how can I use them?
U-BUCKS® are our own brand of store credit. You'll receive U-BUCKS when you submit freshly LAUNDERED uniforms, free of tears, stains, apparent fade or pet hair. You may use your U-BUCKS toward your purchase of any pre-owned apparel in our store.

How many U-Bucks do I earn for the pieces I turn in?
You'll earn about one-third of our rack price for an item in excellent condition. For example, if we sell an item for $12, that item would earn you $4 in U-Bucks.

How do I use my U-Bucks?
When you make a purchase of any resale apparel, you may use your U-Bucks for up to one-third (1/3) off your purchase. Any remaining U-Bucks just stay in your account until you shop again. Your U-Bucks never expire!

Can I drop off uniforms when you are closed?
Sure. You may leave uniforms outside in our storage chest if we are closed. Put them in a closed bag and include your name and contact information if you would like to receive UBUCKS®. In the chest you'll find our submission form. 

Do you sell NEW uniforms?
Yes, we sell NEW uniforms. However, a customer may NOT use U-Bucks to purchase new merchandise.

Do you offer monogramming?
Yes, we offer monogramming. Usually a 2-day service.

My school offers a Swap Shop. Why would I want to shop at Uniformity when I can get uniforms FREE?
Good question! We respect your school's uniform swap program. As parents, we've been there. We used to volunteer at our children's school swap shop! But here are the advantages of shopping with us.
  • You can turn in uniforms from your elementary or middle school for credit, then use the credit to purchase high school uniforms. Where else can you get that deal?
  • Our staff goes through the process of evaluating, laundering, repairing and organizing all uniforms.
  • You can shop easily by size and school.
  • All pieces are CLEAN and in EXCELLENT condition.
  • We have store hours that meet teen or parent needs.
We actively seek submissions from private schools, especially those whose uniforms require school insignia/logos. Plentiful submissions = plentiful inventory for our shoppers! Pass on the info to your pals!

What about public schools?
We accept shorts/skorts/skirts/pants/jumpers in navy and khaki. However, we do not accept or stock solid color polos/tops for resale. 

How can I get my school's uniforms in your store?
If you'd like Uniformity to stock resale apparel for your school, please email us. Let your school's administrator know, too. We can work with your school on a promotion, like we've done with other schools, inviting your school's parents to submit uniform pieces. As parents have diverted their volunteer hours to higher revenue-producing school projects, several schools have discontinued their own swap shops, bringing the inventory to us to handle.

How can I contact Uniformity?

Our phone number is (337) 205-0200. Our email address is